Extensible Web Summit

A Series of Events Focusing on the Future of Web Technology and Standards

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What is the Extensible Web Summit?

A “summit” sounds important, but what we are really talking about is bringing together people from a diverse set of interests and backgrounds to talk about the future of web technologies. This includes concepts put forward in the Extensible Web Manifesto but is not limited to those concepts. The event is a chance for web developers, web platform developers and developers focusing on standards to come together in an informal context to discuss new approaches, suggest new work, highlight issues and generally discuss the state of the web platform and its continued evolution.

The format of the event is that of an “unconference,” preceded by curated lightning talks to set the scene. The events are free to attend and depend heavily in participant engagement. After the lightning talks, participants create the schedule for the rest of the day which will consist of a set of parallel breakout sessions. Breakout session discussions will be moderated and will be minuted, with the intention of informing future work.

Next Extensible Web Summit

Extensible Web Summit Boston - 10 February 2017 - In Partnership with Bocoup

Past Events

Extensible Web Summit Melbourne - January 2016 - Hosted by RMIT
Extensible Web Summit San Francisco - April 2015 – Hosted by FluentConf
Extensible Web Summit Oakland - December 2014
Extensible Web Summit Berlin - August 2014 – Hosted by Beuth University
Extensible Web Summit San Francisco – April 2014 – Hosted by Adobe

Who Organizes the Extensible Web Summit?

The first Extensible Web Summit was organized by members of the @w3ctag. However members of the community are encouraged to organize their own similar events under this name as long as they adhere to the same principles. An example of a community-run event has been the Extensible Web Summit Oakland in December 2014.

Code of Conduct at Extensible Web Summit

The Extensible Web Summit events adhere to the Conference Code of Conduct. This is especially important to keep in mind in this kind of participant-driven event.